Sex position of the week!

Each week on NeNe at Nite will post a sex position that you may want to try with youer partner  or partners, a friend, a buddy, whoever you so choose. Will you dare to try something new? 

Check back each week to see what position you may want to try next!


The Reverse Wheelbarrow looks impressive and because penetration is shallow, the focus stays on the head of his penis (the most sensitive part) and the first inch of the vaginal entrance, which is where all your nerve endings are located.

He kneels on a hard surface, keeping his back straight, in praying position. You lie in front of him, genitals facing him.

He then lifts your legs up to his shoulders, so your weight is supported on your shoulders. Holding his erection downwards, he penetrates and holds you in position by wrapping his arms around your upper thighs.