Sex position of the week!

Each week on NeNe at Nite we will pull a card and give you a fun sex position to try at home, with your partner, a friend, a buddy, whoever you so choose. Will you dare to try something new? 

Tune in each week to see what position you may want to try next!

This position is called Deep Impact. "For a whole new way of experiencing each other, get on your side, lift a leg up, and have him straddle your leg, entering from a kneeling position. He may find spots you didn't know you had, and if he doesn't, squirt a little dollop of lube on his fingers so he can cup his hand over your clit, giving you a long smooth rub with every thrust. Plus, if he is a man with a bit of a bend to his penis, this is a great way to embrace his curves."



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