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Daddy I Forgive You


I am 30 years old and it’s time I let go. Let go of the excuses, the hurt and the pain of growing up fatherless. A lot of us have been in the position and we all deal with it differently. Well here I go...

Daddy, I forgive you. I forgive you for not being there for me during year 3. The year that I needed my daddy the most, the year that turned my world upside down. The year that had the biggest effect on who I am today. Truth is whether you were there or not year 3 could have still happened. But I have hated you for so long because you weren’t there. That stops today, I forgive you.

Daddy, I forgive you. I forgive you for the many missed engagements, the basketball games, the step team performances, dance performances, orchestra performances and most importantly my college graduations. You made it to my High school graduation I’ll give you that credit. Although it was against my will, I look back now and I am glad you came. I’m glad you got to see me make it. My mother was right to invite you. For the lack of support and the lack of support, I forgive you.

Daddy, I forgive you. I forgive you for me not ever having a male role model, for me not having my father to be the first man I loved. For me not knowing what to expect when it came to dealing with men. I have had some rough times in that area, and here I am 30 and have never been in love. The lack of a fathers love has played a major role in my love life. I used to question how is it a man can truly love me if my daddy can’t? I have blamed you for far too long as the reason behind this but that stops today, my time is coming, I will love one day, so I forgive you.

Daddy, I forgive you. I forgive you for all the hate I once had in my heart for you. I’m not forgiving you for you, I’m forgiving you for me, because I carry the burden and I no longer want that on my heart. I’m forgiving you for me because it is time I truly move on. I’m forgiving you for me because the older I get I know things won’t change and if I don’t forgive I’ll be holding myself back. I have learned to love you and accept you for the father that you are, so I’m removing the hate and the anger fully from my heart and: Daddy I simply forgive you, and I love you!

Love a daddy’s girl without a perfect daddy!

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