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As I lay in the bed at night, I often find my hands slowly falling between my legs. I find my fingers caressing my clit, up and down round and round. I then slide my fingers further down and they slide into my vagina, in and out, making circles with each stroke rubbing my G-spot, until I reach the moment of climax. I remove my fingers from my pussy and slide them in my mouth so that I can taste the juices of my victory. It tastes so good!

When you explore your own body, you learn so much about yourself. I’ve been touching my body since I can remember. Rubbing my clit, my vagina, my nipples, or just rubbing on my body finding out each time that I like a certain touch in certain places. When a man touches me, I know exactly how I want to be touched so that I achieve ultimate arousal.

So why am I telling you this? Because there are so many women that are afraid or think that it is weird or wrong to touch themselves. When in fact sex with your fingers or a toy is completely normal, women have been doing it for ages.

Exploring and knowing your body leads to increased orgasms, better sex, and the knowledge of your body, letting you know how you react to different touches in certain areas. Once you know you, you can direct any person that comes into contact with your body on how to please you. Getting the orgasms that many have been deprived of ending with that feeling of satisfaction.

I encourage any lady to touch her body, explore her body, make herself feel good from her own touch. Let no one deprive you of the feeling of satisfaction ever again. Give yourself the clitoral or vaginal orgasm you deserve, better yet two hand touch get that blended orgasm out of you. Add a vibrator, or some sensitizing cream to enhance the fun. Moral of the story FUCK yourself.

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