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Fuck Back!

As I lay on my back and he goes deeper with each stroke I cant help but to lift my hips and grind up as he pounds down and we fuck in sync. He then flips me over and my back is arched, I stay still and let him pound me as he gets more and more into it, I start to throw my ass back and challenge his every thrust. We are in sync still and he pushes forward as I push back until we both cum, my sweet juices dripping down my legs and all over his dick.

Moral of the story is he fucks me and I fuck back. No matter the position I’m in, Missionary, doggy, riding, I fuck back. I let him get in the groove and I feel his motions and then it’s my turn. The enjoyment that you get when you fuck back is amazing. You get to grind back and forth ensuring that your spot is b being stimulated and that you get that much needed orgasm that you have been longing for.

Men love a good challenge especially in the bedroom. Something about the woman that fucks back that gets a man going, that makes a man go harder and it makes his stroke feel so much better. The fact that it seems as if you are trying to take control intensifies the sex and it becomes amazing.

Many women just lay there and assume the position, while he does the work. I get it the first time to see his rhythm, see what he is about, see how he likes to fuck and what he likes to do. But no one wants a pillow princess. Pillow princesses are boring.

So moral of the story while he is thrusting deep inside you meet his thrust and grind on his dick. Throw that pussy up to him, throw that pussy back on him and let him know that you got a nice pussy and know how to use it!


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