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What is good?

What exactly is a "good" man or a "good" woman? Is there really a way to define the two? We can define that good means something that is favorable or approved, so let’s say a good man or woman is one that is favorable or approved. But now here we are again, how do we define those words? I could go on.

The truth is these words can all be defined but the interpretation of the words is where we all differ. We often hear people use these terms I want a good man or a good woman, or that good women don’t like good men and vice versa. Who are we to define who is good and who isn’t for someone else? Well, the answer is we can’t. What’s good for one may not be good for another.

Yet why do we continually hear that good women and men don’t like to date each other? Simple because most people think they’re good. We are all oblivious to “ourselves” at times. We don’t realize we are sometimes the toxic one, that we are the one bringing someone else down, etc., when we are involved with others. Most of us honestly fail to see our own faults and we are less likely to take blame, due to this. Maybe you are a good man/woman, but at that particular time you weren’t.

Call me crazy, but what if that person simply wasn’t ready and chose to walk away rather than stay and hurt a person further. What if you just weren’t what they were looking for? What if the good they needed someone else has it? What if you all just weren’t right for each other? Crazy thoughts!

We like to look at situations on the surface, we fail to dig a little deeper. I don’t say this for you to doubt yourself on being the good person, but take some time reevaluate yourself, and the situations you’ve been in, these will make you better overall for yourself. Don’t be angry with a person for walking away from you, remember somebody else may be the “good” for them. It also may end up being a blessing for you.

Now I challenge everyone to write down what good is to them, and write down what makes them good, be sure you match what you want, because some of us often want what we can’t give. This will help you clarify the “good” you need.

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